Greenville electronic artist Leuchtend (meaning “lambent” in German) is an underground oddity. Composing genre non-conforming sounds with a classical ethos, his music is an incredible and unique experience that will catch the eye of anyone looking to delve deep into a trance-like state. They combine both visual and auditory art to create vivid imagery of isolation and liminal dream spaces.

Leuchtend started their musical career under numerous names such as Echelon Anthracite, Joseph Demonte, Hqrlct, and the now-defunct ambient project NOMAD. These projects had numerous albums and extended plays that would lay the foundation for their first album titled Golden Hours. Which is an hour-long epic that culminated all work done up to that point, refined and redefined. The artwork featured a playable space inspired by brutalism and was titled Stone in Focus, and the track-list featured songs such as the 19-minute long Transit and two singles titled Hiighways and Postal.

A hiatus would ensue while work on the next album was in the early stages and releases such as Socotra and Renaissance I-2 would fill the space. Just about two years after the release of Golden Hours, Tremolo Skies announced that Leuchtend would be releasing their second full length: Biogenesis.

Three singles preceded the album (one of which being Socotra) and showed off Leuchtend’s new sound that was much more lo-fidelity and matured. Compositions were more fleshed out and showed off the impressive growth in technical skill. Though much shorter than Golden Hours, Biogenesis is just as much if not more of an experience.

:: Leuchtend Golden Hours
Tremolo Skies
:: Leuchtend Socotra
Tremolo Skies
:: Leuchtend Night Mix
Tremolo Skies
:: Leuchtend Point33 Ligthhouse
Tremolo Skies
:: Leuchtend Narcosis & Dilation
Tremolo Skies
:: Leuchtend Renaissance I-2
Tremolo Skies
:: Leuchtend Biogenesis
Tremolo Skies

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