:: Failing to Remember Images That Follow01/15/24 · Tremolo Skies · TREM-21

1. Images That Follow

:: Leuchtend Biogenesis02/18/2022 · Tremolo Skies · TREM-20

Biogenesis is the second full length release by the South Carolina electronic ambient artist, Leuchtend. Riding off the positively received yet relatively-unknown-to-most debut of Golden Hours, Harlow takes a more ambient approach to song writing. Inspired by contemporary acts such as Eluvium, Boards of Canada, Lilium, Wild of Night, Ray Lynch, Johnnascus, Failure and Bowery Electric-- Biogenesis transcends the expansive field of electronic music and is entirely its own thing, much like its bigger brother Golden Hours.

It was preceeded by the first physical pressing of Leuchtend's career which was titled Socotra. A short but beautiful piano piece composed early into the album's work cycle along with a few unreleased tracks, and remixes of Hiighways on the digital version as well as the Night Mix.

The album containseleven movements combined into three total parts that immediately started production after Harlow's first album. Lots of trials and tribulation went into making Biogenesis, heavy writers bloc and general exhaustion and emotion. But everything has come together, finally.

Movement I, "A Recurrence at Dusk"

1. Biogenesis
2. Point33 Lighthouse
3. Mortem Fjords
4. DeMinished

Movement II, "What Will Not Be Heard"

1. Oxidization as a Means to Sleep
2. Aenigma
3. The Fine View
4. I / O MFS

Movement III, "To Leave Again"

1. Narcosis & Dilation
2. Socotra
3. Oasie
4. Schleep Schooner / Empty Island

:: Leuchtend Narcosis & Dilation02/11/2022 · Tremolo Skies · TREM-19

1. Narcosis & Dilation

:: Esthermoon Persue the Withering Light02/11/22 · Tremolo Skies · TREM-18

Esthermoon’s debut album was inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem titled ‘Storm’ and perfectly encapsulates the view of a storm casting over the cobbled streets of Dickinson’s time, the fresh air released from the heavens and the grey overcasts. Short and bittersweet much like the poem it takes after, Pursue the Withering Light is an amazing composition that we welcome Esthermoon with (with open arms.)

1. It Sounded as if the Streets Were Running
2. Birds I
3. The Streets Stood Still
4. Birds II
5. Eclipse Was All We Could See
6. Awe Was All We Could Feel
7. The Boldest Stole Out of His Covert
8. To See if Time Was There
9. Birds III
10. Nature Was in an Opal Apron
11. Birds IV
12. Mixing Fresher Air

:: Leuchtend Point33 Ligthhouse01/28/2022 · Tremolo Skies · TREM-17

Point33 Lighthouse is the second single from Harlow’s second full length: Biogenesis; it shows off the lo-fidelity nature of the project and the more grandiose side of Leuchtend. The track encapsulates a unique journey only Leuchtend can provide. Feelings of isolation, dream imagery and false memories of nostalgia and cannot be defined by genre names & tropes.

1. Point33 Lighthouse

:: Leuchtend Renaissance I-202/14/2021 · Tremolo Skies · TREM-16

Renaissance I-2 is a thrill ride released a good while after it’s inception. Originally written as a concert piece it finally sees the light of day with an additional 50BPM tacked on for good measure. The single features an alternative edit of the song (which includes debut vocals) as well as a music video for the main version. Powerful synths and pumping bass lines make you feel you’re flying into outer orbit and circling the planet. It’s definitely a great listen for those looking for a wild journey.

1. Renaissance I-2
2. Renaissance I-2 (Radio Edit)

:: AMREI Dark Ones12/20/2020 · Tremolo Skies · SKIES-15

AMREI’s (formerly Mythos) music is nothing but music, harsh walls of noise and improvisation are all you will get with Dark Ones. Inspired by the vast emptiness of space, eldritch beings and the void that is dark nebulae; you will feel horror and discomfort sitting through all nine tracks as you shock your senses and enter the unknown.

1. Omenknow
2. Camelopardalis
3. Ophiuchus Transmission
4. Bok Globule
5. Voidrown
6. Primordial Husks
7. Lupus Ataxy
8. Molecular Cloud
9. Femoculation

:: Norman Blanc Boardwalk12/01/2020 · Tremolo Skies · SKIES-14

Boardwalk is the final release from electronic project Norman Blanc, made years after his sole album ‘Floating Cities’ and released even longer post-conception. It’s upbeat and groovy as the title suggests and it’s an enjoyable goodbye to a short lived project which inspired the creation of Tremolo Skies itself.

1. Boardwalk

:: Leuchtend Night Mix11/20/2020 · Tremolo Skies · SKIES-13

Night Mix oddly enough was completed even before Golden Hours was done. It features four tracks from the album stripped down and re-worked in a low key manner. The EP is meant for sleep and has two mixes, one with percussion and the other without it.

1. June
2. Postal
3. Hiighways
4. Vestro Ged

:: Leuchtend Socotra7/26/2020 · Tremolo Skies · SKIES-12

Socotra is Leuchtend's first maxi-single and the first physical pressing done by the label. The digital version contains remixes not on the physical including one done by PANDEMK and an orchestral suite done by Harlow. The cassette features unreleased Echelon-era music and the songs Hiighways & Postal from the album Golden Hours.

1. crshdhrmncs
2. Socotra
3. dyst
4. im
5. Postal
6. Hiighways
7. Hiighways (PANDEMK mix)
8. Hiighways (Orchestral mix)

:: 愚かなクソタキシード S/T4/20/2020 · SKIES-420


:: Hqrlct Trilogical Suffering04/10/2020 · Tremolo Skies · SKIES-10

Hqrlct is a project between two collaborators Leuchtend and Anthony Lopez (AMREI) and is a spiritual successor to NOMAD. Taking much of what it was planning to be and transforming it into something more. Trilogical Suffering was the result of that, combining 4 previous singles the duo released and turning it into a compilation album. Every track is as unnerving as the previous and borders the line between dark ambient and noise.

1. Hemispherical Wrath in the Shape of Tears
2. Absence In It's Truest Fucking Form
3. Shattering The Skull of a Swan
4. Rubber Strings Entangled Through Your Neck
5. I c y c f l t S S
6. (000)
7. Claustrophobic