Who are you?

Tremolo Skies is an independently run record label that has management and fulfillment services. We were formed in October of 2018 and are currently active as of 2022.

Are you for profit?

Nope! We're for the artist's benefit. Our cut doesn't go into the owner's pocket and funds advertising campaigns, site upkeep, merchandise, fulfillment and more. Our contracts are flexible and are in the artist's favor always.

Do you accept submissions?

YES! Message us on any of our social medias, we'd love to have you on. Send us your portfolio and contact information.

Can I get a refund or exchange?

Absolutely you can! If your product was damaged in shipping or the item is defective you are entitled to a full refund or exchange. Please note: We do not cover damage by the hands of the customer. Exchanges on items that are limited are not guaranteed due to the possibility of our center not having the item in stock.

Where is my pre-order?

Our pre-orders are considered crowd-funds, your item(s) will ship out when we receive the pressings ourselves which can take months. We usually have an estimate for buyers when we send off a quote to the manufacturers. All we ask is just to be patient. We cant wait to share the artist's hard work with you.


Due to COVID-19 being prevalent in our area, we cannot ship internationally and shipments may be delayed do to USPS wait times.

Any questions not answered here?

You can message us through our contact form or on our social media pages. Our email is tremoloskies@gmail.com