On Biogenesis: 18 February 2022

The long awaited album from electronic artist Leuchtend has released on midnight. You can find it on all streaming services including our Bandcamp.

Read our summary here:

Biogenesis is the second full length release by the South Carolina electronic ambient artist, Leuchtend. Riding off the positively received yet relatively-unknown-to-most debut of Golden Hours, Harlow takes a more ambient approach to song writing. Inspired by contemporary acts such as Eluvium, Boards of Canada, Lilium, Wild of Night, Ray Lynch, Johnnascus, Failure and Bowery Electric-- Biogenesis transcends the expansive field of electronic music and is entirely its own thing, much like its bigger brother Golden Hours.

It was preceded by the first physical pressing of Leuchtend's career which was titled Socotra. A short but beautiful piano piece composed early into the album's work cycle along with a few unreleased tracks, and remixes of Hiighways on the digital version as well as the Night Mix.

The album contains eleven movements combined into three total parts that immediately started production after Harlow's first album. Lots of trials and tribulation went into making Biogenesis, heavy writers bloc and general exhaustion and emotion. But everything has come together, finally.

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